The Fall of Jericho

While studying the accuracy of the Biblical narrative regarding the destruction of Jericho, I consulted Pfeiffer’s Biblical World which catalogues archaeological finds which are pertinent in studying the truth of the Bible. At first I was disappointed as the evidence presented by Garstang’s interpretation which at first seemed to confirm the accuracy was seemingly later disproven as to the timing of the battle by Kenyon, a French archaeologist who worked at the Jericho sitr from 1952-1958. Pfeiffer’s book was published in 1972 and is a reference book consulted by many pastors, teachers, and theologians. However, archaeology is actively uncovering new clues and overturning old theories. Such is the fascinating case of Dr. Bryant Woods confirming evidence which overturns Kenyon’s earlier findings. Here’s the link:

Watch “Secrets of the Bible: The Fall of Jericho with Dr. Bryant Wood” on YouTube