Winged, man headed Lion

Looking a references to Noah and read this quote about the Man headed

lion.”An Arab chief, seeing for the first time a monument of antiquity exclaimed, This is not the work of men’s hands, but of those infidel giants of whom the prophet (peace be with him!) has said that they were higher than the tallest date tree. This is one of the idols which Noah(peace be with him!) cursed before the flood.” Pfeiffer’s The Biblical World, pg. 156-157.

Testimony of Marty Goetz

Powerful testimony of Marty Goetz who grew up in a staunch Jewish neighborhood in Cleveland and through a series of circumstances decided to read the New Testament and was surprised to read the genealogy of Matthew and was met with Jesus who he said was more Jewish than me!

I ran into his testimony while I was searching for hymns about Psalm 8 this morning. To top it off, you’ll want to listen to his wife’s testimony as well. So wonderful.

Marty’s testimony:

Jennifer’s testimony:

Alexander Scoursby Reads Joshua 12

Periodically when we are reading a passage of Scripture and come upon lists of persons or places which are difficult to pronounce we look to Alexander Scoursby who is an excellent reader and trained to properly pronounce words. Here’s our suggestion. When listening repeat each difficult word as Scoursby enunciates it. Although the passage moves quite rapidly, you will over time begin to more accurately pronounce names of people and places which we don’t normally use.

Note: We have secured permission to utilize Alexander Scoursby’s recordings, but at present need to find an audio engineer to work on editing them to fit in with the daily readings. In the meantime until we find someone to take on that task, we will access others postings of his recordings. Unfortunately as you will hear in this recording, it is not without reverberation and not as clear and crisp as desired. But it at least provides a helpful tool.