Ron Wyatt and Noah’s Ark

I was searching through Pfeiffer’s A Biblical World and was surprised that there was no reference to be found of Noah’s Ark, but several references to Noah himself. Searching for a comparison on flood research, the Gilgamesh Epic, Genesis and other flood accounts is quite revealing in the following lecture by:

Here’s an actual discovery by an American believer Ron Wyatt which we’ve found quite compelling based upon real evidence from on site investigation.

An excellent link for those who desire to go deeper into the textual analysis. There is a comparative chart between the Gilgamesh Epic and the Genesis account which well worth taking a look at.

Here’s another link which addresses the disparity within Christian circles who argue over various perspectives on creation. I thank Jasvir Basi for posting this excellent article which addresses how a dangerous modern gnosticism has entered into this debate. The article is a studied response to a talk by a Wheaton Professor. A link to his speech is included if you desire to catch the entire context.

It is written by–Dr. Nicholas Perrin, a professor of Biblical studies at Wheaton who specializes in gnosticism in the early church, explains this essential connection between God and history:

“God made history and history matters. Apart from the conviction that our faith is a historical faith, we are left only to cast about. But, when we are fully persuaded that sacred history meshes with the history in which we live and move and have our being, that is when biblical faith becomes a real possibility…. The heart-and-mind value of reconnecting the biblical world with the ‘real world’ can hardly be overstated. Somehow in our confused modern-day thinking, we have managed to put asunder what God has joined together.”[4]

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