The Story of the Maccabees

I am working on little booklet telling the Christmas story from a Jewish- Christian Scriptural Perspective and including the Feast of Lights, aka Hannukah, spoken of in the Gospel of John. I thought you might find this extra Biblical historical reading of interest to gain an understanding of the meaning of Hannukah beyond it being thought of as the Jewish Christmas, or receiving eight days of presents and eating potato pancakes. It is a rich and dramatic history of the zeal of the Jewish true believers for God, His purposes, plans and His Word.

Often in recent years I have thought that without Hannukah, Christmas would not be possible. For Yeshua Ha’moshiach, our LORD Jesus Christ to fulfill the Law perfectly, which He did, He had to be presented at the Temple so that He could be dedicated, be circumcised on the eighth day, and also so Simeon and Anna could bless Him who were awaiting the Messiah. The Maccabees had won back the Temple from the Greeks who had thoroughly defiled God’s holy sanctuary and reconsecreated it. The story is a wonderful knitting together of the whole Biblical context of His incarnation.
May you be blessed this Hannukah and Christmas season by His Presence and with many opportunities to share the truth of the King of kings, our Messiah Yeshua Ha’moshiach, our LORD Jesus Christ, King of kings, the Lamb of God who came to take away the sins of the world.
Joy to the World!! Through the One and only source of Joy, Immanuel.
Praying you have much love and joy this holy season,
James and Elizabeth Stephens

Here is an excellent reading of the Book of Maccabees. There are three parts.

Here’s a link to my Hannukah playlist. Hope it works if you’re interested.

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James and Elizabeth Stephens presently live in Southern California and have been married since 1978. In 1999, James completed a MA in Intercultural Studies specializing in Leadership Development and in 2010 Elizabeth completed an Associate in Science in Business Information Technology.

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