Tending Our Spiritual Garden

By James C. Stephens

August 16, 2020

We are given an opportunity day by day to grow in knowledge and holiness. If I miss watering our garden, the plants wither and are in danger of dying. It is the consistent process of watering which nurtures a garden. Our life is not unlike a garden which needs to be carefully and diligently watched over. All the cares of life, the mindless reach toward social media, the lack of personal discipline rob us of the fruit of true joy. “Oh, I’m too busy to study the Bible each day,: some exclaim. Even I tell myself, “Oh, are you too busy to get on Facebook, play a game, watch a news program, a game show?” I personally have not received a paycheck from anyone of these companies or endeavors. But what I do receive from the disciplined daily study of His Word far outweighs my personal investment of time. Do we neglect that which gives life to our soul?

My bride Elizabeth tending our vegetable garden.

Published by

James and Elizabeth Stephens

James and Elizabeth Stephens presently live in Southern California and have been married since 1978. In 1999, James completed a MA in Intercultural Studies specializing in Leadership Development and in 2010 Elizabeth completed an Associate in Science in Business Information Technology.

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