Scripture for 11.22.2020

TORAH –  Toldot (Generations )    Genesis 26:1-25

1 Samuel 4 & 1Samuel 5

Mark 9

PSALM of the Day 24
PROVERBS 7:24-27

If you are on the journey with us reading through the Bible, welcome to day 37 or if you are joining us now welcome and be prepared for a life changing experience.

(We have a 5 lesson introduction to the Bible on youtube) – 

There is a recap/coaching session every Tuesday night 6-7pm pst on facebook and after it will be put on youtube. Please share this reading schedule & resources with others. 

Below are the links to the book information & other resourses for your library for your lifetime of study.

The books, commentaries and film resources for the upcoming readings will be posted  here before we get there as it is always nice to be ahead and not behind. See the weekly class session posts for all the information.

Questions?  Please email us at:




Westminster Confession of Faith

Davis, John J. Paradise to Prison. Baker. 1976


Mark, A Portrait of the Servant by  D. Edmond Hiebert

1 Samuel

A History of Israel: From Conquest to Exile by John J. Davis & John C. Whitcomb


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