Book of Acts and Two Warring African Tribes

As we continue to listen to the exposition on the Book of Acts 10:21-33 on “The Salvation of the Gentiles, Part 2, Pastor John MacArthur relates a missionary report about the transformation of two waring African tribes as they turn to Christ.

“A modern missionary, of whom I read earlier this week, was officiating at a communion service in Africa, and beside him there sat an elder who was very old. In fact he was an old chief of the Ngoni tribe by the name of Manly Heart; and there were many Ngoni in the congregation at this communion service. The old chief said that he could remember the days when the young warriors of the Ngoni had gone out to bloody their spears at the expense of other tribes, and they had left a trail of burned and devastated towns and bloodied bodies, and they came back leaving all the blood on their spears as kind of trophies of their killing, and they always dragged all the women back as booty. And the missionary recounted the fact that the two tribes, which the Ngoni were forever and ever fighting against and slaughtering were the Nsenga and the Tumbuka. And now here was a communion service, and gathered about the table of the Lord Jesus was the Ngoni tribe, the Nsenga, and the Tumbuka. Once busily shedding each other’s blood, now one because of the blood of Jesus Christ, they gathered not to fight, but they gathered to share their love. Somehow, in the great grace of God, all the barriers had been broken down. All of the things which built hatred and animosity, all of the walls that had been built between these people, which could only be scaled in hatred, were crushed by love.”


The Book of Acts

EGL2020. Although we are still reading through the Old Testament and will continue to do so at our present pace, we have finished our journey through the New Testament. However, we thought that it would be a profitable experience for those who choose to during the remainder of our reading year to experience what it would be like to plunge into an exposition of one book of the New Testament.

We have chosen the Book of Acts. We fondly recall as new believers devouring audio tapes each evening after work. With Bible and pen in hand, we intently listened at our little kitchen table in Santa Monica, California, to Pastor John MacArthur exposit the Book of Revelation and First John.

Much of our exploration of the Word this year has been built upon the foundation of our years at Grace Community Church listening to three live sermons by Pastor MacArthur each week as he taught through the Scriptures verse by verse on Wednesday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday evening. We have utilized his excellent Bibliography on commentaries and helps along with our experience of his multitude of references to historic resources of the church from Gurnall to Owen, to Spurgeon to Watson.

So here’s the plan. While we may not get through the entire Book of Acts, we will be reading the Word along with his two set commentary on Acts and each day posting the verses we will read accompanied by a link to the appropriate sermon on Acts. They are about 50 minutes long, but so worth your time as is the Word of Grace website which is a treasure house which you will want to visit over and over as you continue to mine the riches from God’s Word.

Before we plunge into the verse by verse study of the Book of Acts by Pastor MacArthur, we start today with his excellent introduction. You may not have his commentary set, but neither did we when we first started attending Grace back in 1985. You will definitely want to have your Bible, your pen, highlighters and pad of paper ready for a most profitable journey through this exciting Book.

We look forward to your comments and questions along the way. Please subscribe to this blog for the daily updates. And if you haven’t joined us before on the journey, Welcome aboard!

May God bless us all on this journey,

James and Elizabeth Stephens

Exploring God’s Library

An Introduction to the Book of Acts.