Exploring God’s Library 2021-2022 Bible Reading Calendar

Greetings fellow Readers!!

As you may know, our EGL2021-2022 #BibleReading journey begins on October 2 using the Reading Calendar. You’re welcome to share it with your church, colleagues, neighbors, friends and family who desire to read through the Word this year. There is no fee.

Here’s the link to the Exploring God’s Library 2021-2022 Bible Reading Calendar.


Our one year reading calendar is a bit different from other calendars in that it commences in the fall according to an ancient Jewish reading regimen of the Torah which begins anew each year following the fall feast known as the Feast of Tabernacles. It is different though in that it also contains daily readings from the Old Testament historic books and Prophets, the Psalms, Proverbs and readings from the New Testament.

The calendar we use is the western calendar, but it also lists appropriate holydays from the Hebrew Calendar as well as the Christian calendar for those who come from the various Christian and Messianic traditions.

You may also wish to subscribe to our Exploring God’s Library Facebook group which enables you to join us on Tuesday evenings for a one hour coaching session from 6-7 pm Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles, California) based on that week’s readings.

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If you are unable to attend the session because of time differences or if you are not on Facebook, we will also post it on the Exploring God’s Library YouTube channel on Thursday. We recommend that everyone subscribe to the channel so that you are automatically notified.

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Looking forward to being on the journey with you this year.

In Christ’s refuge and strength,

James and Elizabeth Stephens

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Who was Ulrich Zwingli?

Eddie Harper, the administrator of Sovereign Grace Puritan Group on Facebook shared:

“As a young Catholic priest Zwingli began to study the Bible. He taught himself Hebrew and Greek and memorised Paul’s epistles in the Greek New Testament. Zwingli was shocked to find that there was a world of difference between the teaching of the Bible and the teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic church.

In 1519 Zwingli began to systematically preach through the New Testament – beginning with the Gospel of Matthew. He opposed indulgences and preached the Gospel. He also secretly married!

Zwingli laid the foundations for the Reformation in Switzerland. In 1523 the City Council of Zurich voted to become Protestant by supporting Zwingli’s reforms. He died fighting to defend Zurich from attack in the battle of Kappel in 1531.

His last words were: “They can kill the body – but not the soul!”

Although it is a private group you can join it in Facebook. Here’s the link.