Never Forget the Republic!

By James C. Stephens

Note: This was a Facebook post I wrote two years ago on September 11, 2018. It remains in its unedited and original form. JCS.

“1997. Elizabeth and I in front of the World Trade Center. Today we remember. Never forget 9.11. The Palestinians rejoiced in the streets and passed out candy to their children and everyone near and far when they heard that the World Trade Center and Washington, D.C. had been attacked. 3,000 plus souls lost their lives that day, people from every religious and ethnic background. A national emergency was declared, all flights save Eagle one were grounded, the world in shock and despair. Everyone was an American that day, flags flown, prayers to God rose, tears, everyone was in shock. How could this happen? The friendly skies now sinister, everyone a suspect, Islam now the domestic enemy. Today universities prohibit remembrance, “it is discriminatory against Muslims” they say. So Americans who died on 9-11, be they Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, or atheist, be they firefighters, policeman, can’t they be victims too? Many fell that day, who didn’t know what hit em. Men of valor left families and gridirons like Pat Tillman and shed their blood on foreign fields for our liberty, sacrificing all, so others have the right to burn the flag and take the knee, not to pray but to tear down and condemn no matter their cause. But we’ve the right to ask, now, replace her with what? Islam, a religion whose track record of blood, subjugates nations with the edge of the sword? Enslaves Christians and Jews? Or your idealized Socialism which gives those who rule the authority to steal the fruits of another’s labors, to legalize mass robbery, to trod a well worn path to destruction of millions as in Russia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and now Venezuela. So what happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave? Now everyone’s a victim, history’s their slave, pull down the statues, rewrite the story, pointing the finger at all but themselves, masking their faces, oblivious to shame, sinful and cunning, ruining their names, prideful and stunning how little they care, tearing down civilization without shedding a tear. Anarchists blame all, but themselves, only soon will they inherit, but ashes and fears.

God’s wheel of justice grinds slow and so fine, no one escapes their sins, nor yours nor mine. God’s mercy and kindness do come to a close, for those whom sin conquers His wrath only knows. There remains as always, a remnant plucked from the fire, those finding solace from disaster in His merciful eyes. Til darkness has passed her, long may her flag wave, crying to God who only can save. Our High Priest King Jesus who ever intercedes, watching over His flock for whom He did bleed. His kingdom is forever as the night it recedes, the day is forthcoming His saints can perceive. No more tears, no more night. A reunion with Him, who makes everything right. Dancing and singing in eternal delight, praising Him always for He is always upright.